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What Types of Nursery Furniture Do You Need?

Planning a baby nursery can be overwhelming. There are so many different baby items to choose from to put in your nursery, that it can be challenging to determine what is necessary and what is overkill. In today’s blog, we will be covering the most important pieces of nursery furniture you will almost always want to have, making your ability to care for your newborn simple, supportive, and what it needs to be.

Founded in 2007 as a designer nappy bag brand, Il Tutto expanded its business in 2015 to include a number of fabulous designer baby products. If you are looking for on-trend nursery furniture or accessories that are highly functional and fashionable, check out what we have for sale today!

We are proud to be based in Australia, with all our designs coming from Melbourne. We ship locally as well as internationally.

3 Types of Nursery Furniture You Should Consider

Any young couple expecting the arrival of a newborn will want to make sure that everything is in place before the child arrives. There are so many decisions to make – from the child’s name to your family’s work schedule arrangements. Among the things that young couples consider is the design and style of the furniture they want in their nursery. Factors that weight into this include:

  • Personal aesthetic
  • Size of room
  • Width of doorways
  • How much you’re able to invest
  • Practicality
  • Safety
  • Etc.

Once you’ve narrowed down some of those types of factors, it’s time to start choosing items to add to your shopping list, and finding the style and brand that best meets your goals.

Here are some of the most important pieces of furniture for your nursery:

#1: Bassinet (Crib)

A bassinet is obviously a very important piece of furniture for any nursery, as it is where your baby will initially spend most of their time. There are plenty of less expensive bassinets out there, such as fixed rail models. However, we recommend you don’t pinch pennies too much with bassinets, as doing so often will result in less comfort for the child and reduced convenience for yourself. You ultimately want to choose something sturdy and reliable, that looks nice, and fits the aesthetic of the room. Il Tutto sells a number of bassinets, such as the Co-Sleeper Tutti Bambini CoZee® Bassinet. This bassinet has a number of desirable features, that are worth considering:

  • Can be used as a co-sleeper or as a stand-alone bassinet
  • Quick and easy to set-up and modify
  • Includes a breathable mesh window
  • Includes a deluxe foam mattress

In a nutshell, the CoZee® Bedside Crib bassinet is designed to help you build a bond with your newborn and be used as a well-built, stand-alone bassinet as well.

Bassinets (cots) let you rest assured that your child is safe and comfortable, especially when they are in them and have fallen asleep. Shop bassinets here...

#2: Nursery Chair

A nursery chair is practically a must, being a place to feed your baby and to help get them to go to sleep; as a place for you to hold and rock them. There are a few different options for you for these purposes – the best of which are probably either a rocking chair or a gliding chair. Whether you prefer a rocking chair or glider chairs, you can narrow down your search for the perfect one by doing some research. For a rocking chair that is extremely comfortable and supportive for settling your baby, we recommend chairs such as the Willow Nursery Reclining/Glider Chair or the Il Tutto Bambino Claudia Rocking Chair. Both of these chairs:

  • Are fashionable and functional
  • Are designed to last
  • Look and work great as living room chairs after the baby has gotten older
  • Have a classic style to suit every home
  • Are excellently priced for the quality you’re getting

See all of Il Tutto’s nursery chairs here...

#3: Chest/Changer

Last of the three most important pieces of furniture to have in your nursery is a chest of drawers – ideally, one that also functions as a changer, such as the Tutti Bambini Modena Chest & Changer.

The baby changing unit aspect of this chest is just as important as the storing of your newborn’s clothes, actually. It provides a convenient place where you can change your baby’s nappies without leading to you experiencing extra back strain. A chest of drawers has a wide variety of functionalities, and can be used for years to come, which is why it’s worthwhile to get designs that you like not just for the baby’s room, but also that will look appropriate for when the child gets older as well. The Tutti Bambini Modena Chest & Changer does just that.

Find Quality Nursery Furniture Today

Il Tutto International Pty Ltd provides you nursery furniture you can truly rely on. We work with only the best manufactures to create products that we would want to use with our own babies. Every detail is important – from the quality of the material to the finishes of the stitches, we make sure that everything is built to last.

We provide the customer care you need to be confident in your choice for your new bassinet, nursery chair, and chest/changer. If there is anything special you’d like us to do for your order or you find something you think we could do better, get in touch with us today.

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