Grey nursery furniture for neutral styling without compromising comfort

The grey nursery trend is still as popular as ever. And for good reason! Grey is timeless, stylish and calming.

Building your nursery styling around grey nursery furniture gives you options. You can carry the grey styling throughout the nursery to create a soothing sleep retreat. Or you can add pops of colour to bring your little one’s personality to life in the space.

We explore grey nursery inspiration, including high-quality and functional grey nursery furniture from the iL Tutto range and tips for selecting accents and accessories to complement your style.

Furniture first

When styling a nursery, it’s best to start with the big items, like your nursery chair, cot or bassinet

Grey is a staple colour in the iL Tutto range. From grey nursery rocking chairs to grey bassinets, it’s a popular, versatile and chic colour. 

One of the best sellers in the range is the Quinn Recliner Glider Nursery Chair, available in Pure Grey. The ergonomic design features a spring-loaded recline and provides next level comfort and support.

The Paige Recliner Glider and Billie Recliner Glider, both available in Pure Grey, have similar functionality and comfort with unique design features. Paige offers a high backrest and a clean, minimal design, while Billie provides plush cushioning and a slightly wider base.

For a high-tech addition to the nursery, consider the Chelsea Electric Recliner Glider Chair in Grey Frost or the Henry Electric Recliner Glider Chair in Pure Grey. Both offer luxury and comfort with push-button electric recline and an in-built USB port. 

A more traditional style in the range, the Olivia Rocking Chair with Ottoman features a beautiful, on-trend Shadow Bouclé fabric. When you no longer have a need for a rocking chair, the rockers can be replaced with the included legs to give you longevity for your chair.

To complement your grey nursery chair, choose the CoZee Breeze Plus Co-sleeping Bassinet with Rocking Legs in Oak Charcoal

Choosing the right shade of grey

With so many shades of grey, which is best for your grey neutral nursery? 

One important consideration is the undertones of the grey. Cooler greys have blue undertones that pair beautifully with crisp whites and pastels. Warmer taupe-tinged greys lend well to accent colours like buttery yellow or sage green.

Also, remember that the lighting in a room will reflect different grey tones. Lighter dove greys are ideal for rooms with soft light. Deeper charcoal is best for rooms with warmer light. The size of the room may also impact your choice as lighter greys will visually open smaller spaces.

Accenting your grey nursery furniture

Once you’ve chosen your grey nursery furniture, you can then play with accents. Whether that’s tonal grey nursery accessories, contrasting prints or pops of colour through soft furnishings.

The sky’s the limit with how you style. Choose white accents, such as curtains, cushions or lamp shades to crisply complement the grey while also brightening the space. Or opt for bedding and pillows in contrasting prints and colourful solids to highlight the grey backdrop. Or punctuate the grey with bright artwork, toys and accessories in primary hues.

Some popular grey nursery colour combinations include:

  • Baby blue or peach for a light and airy feel.
  • Cherry red or bright orange for a bolder vibe.
  • Rainbow colours dotted through the room for a playful whimsy.

If you prefer to maintain the neutral shades in the room, incorporate natural wood finishes and touches of greenery. This also helps to provide a connection to nature in the nursery.

Explore the possibilities of grey with iL Tutto

Grey is a cosy backdrop for your baby’s nursery. And much how grey pairs perfectly with any colour, it also pairs with every stage of childhood and into the teen years for an effortless room transition. As your baby grows and their interests and personality develop, you can easily swap out the accent pieces and build on the grey foundations.

Looking for more grey neutral nursery ideas and inspiration? Explore the iL Tutto range of nursery chairs, cots and bassinets to find the perfect grey nursery furniture for you and your baby. The award-winning range is designed in Australia to support parents as they embark on the most exciting journey of their lives.