Your nursery chair is an investment in your comfort. It’s a piece of furniture that you’ll use every day, multiple times a day. Even when you’re no longer nursing, it can transition into an armchair in any room of your home for you to enjoy for many years to come. 

Our premium Nursery Chairs are all wrapped in love using on the best, most premium OEKO-TEX®
STANDARD 100 certified fabrics
exclusive to iL Tutto. This certification is a globally recognised
certification, confirming that no harmful substances can be found within the textiles to ensure they’s
safe on yours and your baby’s skin.

Knowing how to care for your nursery chair will ensure that you get as much longevity as possible out of your investment. We share our tips for to how both protect your fabric after your purchase and how to maintain and clean your Nursery Chair fabric.

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It All Starts With Preventative Care 

The best thing you can do for nursery chair care is to take preventative measures that will help it to stay in good condition for longer.  At iL Tutto, we only use premium fabrics with stain resistant qualities so you’re already a step ahead.

1. Using the Fabric Protection Shield that’s included in our Care Cover Fabric Care Kit on top of this will give your nursery chair an added layer of stain protection.

2. Consider where you place the chair in your nursery to avoid direct sunlight and heat. This can cause fading, discolouration or warping, all things that will limit the lifespan of your chair

3. Just as you remove surface dust from the hard surfaces in your home, fabric pieces like nursery chairs can also accumulate dust. The best way to deal with this is through regular vacuuming. When you’re vacuuming the nursery floor, gently run the vacuum over your nursing chair.

Pilling is natural with many fabrics but these preventive steps – and proper fabric care – can help to minimise it. If pilling does occur, you can use a de-pilling machine, which will gently shave the pills from the fabric.

Dealing With Spills & Stains 

If you spill something on your nursery chair it’s best to clean it as soon as possible so the stain doesn’t set in to the fabric.  Our Care Cover Fabric Care Kit includes everything you need to treat unwanted stains.

  1. Spray the Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Fluid included in the kit directly onto the spray until it’s completely covered.

  2. Wet the included microfibre cloth and then use a dabbing motion on the stain. For large or stubborn stains, you may need to repeat the process of spraying and dabbing. 
  3. Once clean, wipe the stain gently and allow it to dry.

The microfibre cloth can then be rinsed with clean water to use over and over again. 

Reflux Stains

For reflux stains that leave a smell in your chair, sprinkle with bicarb soda and leave overnight. When dry, you can vacuum up the bicarb soda… and the smell with it. When cleaning a fabric chair, there are a few rules to remember,

1. Don’t use bleach or other harsh chemicals (below you’ll find our recommendation for what to use instead). 

2. Don’t rub over the stain but use a dabbing motion to blot the stain.

3. Don’t machine wash the fabric.

4. Don’t use an excessive amount of water on the fabric and allow it to try naturally between spot cleans.

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A note on iL Tutto premium textured fabrics 

Our premium, textured fabrics include our luxe bouclé fabrics and the teddy-bear fleece fabric that features in our brand new iL Tutto Trend range. These fabrics are lush and cosy with the texture adding to the next level comfort of the chairs.  

The iL Tutto Trend range includes the Frankie Electric Recliner and Glider in three Teddy fabric colours – Olive, Coconut and Taupe. Or you can find our Vanilla Bouclé on our Paige Glider Recliner and Lulu Glider Chair. The good news is that the way you care for these premium fabrics is the same as you would care for any other fabric. As textured and luxurious as the fabrics are, they’re also highly resilient and designed to last.