4 reasons why a glider nursery chair is a game changer

Is a glider necessary for a nursery? We think so!

A glider nursery chair is stylish, luxurious and comfortable. That is, if you choose the right chair, like an iL Tutto glider chair. Unlike a standard armchair, nursery gliders are designed for you and your needs. They include features that will make your life easier and ensure your comfort through endless hours of feeding, rocking and watching your baby sleep.

We share four reasons why a glider chair for nursing is a game-changing addition to your nursery.

1. Core support

No matter the type of birth you have, all the stretching and growing your body does during pregnancy impact your core – specifically, your lower abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. In one study, researchers found that 60% of women had diastasis recti – i.e. abdominal separation – at six weeks postpartum.

Postpartum recovery takes time. The same study found that even at 12 months after giving birth, 32% of mothers still showed signs of abdominal separation.

Glider nursery chairs offer a smooth motionn that’s gentle on your body, without needing you to engage your core to create the movement. Our iL Tutto glider chairs feature either electric – like our luxe Frankie Electric Glider Recliners – or spring loaded recline – such as the Felix Recliner Glider Nursery Chairs.

Given how much time you’ll spend in your glider chair nursing your baby, having this support plays a big role in your recovery.

2. It’s ergonomically designed for nursing

Recovery from childbirth is one thing. Aches and pains from feeding and rocking your baby are another. And they affect both mums and dads!

If you use a regular arm chair in your nursery, you might start to notice little niggles in your back or shoulders. That’s because they’re designed for sitting and not for feeding a baby. Glider nursery chairs are.

Many of our gliding nursing chairs – like the Henry Electric Recliners – also feature built-in USB ports so you can stay connected with your devices easily in reach. The Frankie Electric Glider Recliners take this a step further with discreet pockets on both sides. They can store everything from dummies to burp cloths to a storybook for your toddler.

The Chelsea Glider Recliner Nursery Chairs feature a high backrest and lumbar support for ergonomic comfort while feeding. The armrests are also at the right height for feeding, avoiding the strain that can come with armrests that are too high or nonexistent.

3. Your baby will love the movement

During pregnancy, babies often sleep during the day while their mothers are going about their day. And then wake up just as mum lies down to go to sleep at night. It’s the rocking movement in the womb caused by mum’s movement that puts them to sleep. A gliding feeding chair helps to replicate this movement, sending the baby off to sleep.

Of the glider/rocking chair comparison, a glider offers a smoother motion and requires much less manual effort. Rockers also only move backwards and forwards, while a glider chair – like the Paige Recliner Glider Chair – can typically move from both back to front and side to side.

Baby’s love the calming rock of a glider nursery chair. For parents, the motion is equally soothing. Especially so when the baby falls asleep in your arms.

4. It takes up less space than a rocking chair

If space is a premium in your home, it’s worth considering that a glider chair for breastfeeding is more space efficient than a rocking chair. Because the glider rocks on the fixed base, it doesn’t need the same space that a rocking chair does to move back and forward.

If you choose a glider nursery chair with a recline feature, you’ll need to allow room for that. Or choose a chair like the Lulu Glider Chair which still has the same luxe iL Tutto fabrics and features without the recline. It’s even more space saving without compromising on any of the other benefits.

Glide into comfort with iL Tutto

Our glider chairs offer the best of award-winning Australian design that accounts for the unique needs of parents. Designed with style, luxury and comfort in mind, our glider nursery chairs will change your parenting life for the better.

Explore the complete range and discover the perfect glider for your nursery.

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