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Care Cover Fabric Care Kit

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Care Cover Fabric Care Kit


Care Cover’s Fabric Care Kit is designed to assist in caring for and maintaining the longevity and upkeep of your iL Tutto Nursery Chair fabric. These easy products can be used on fabric furniture such as lounge suites, ottomans, dining chairs and also on bedroom suites to ensure that all your furniture stays looking their best. Care Cover’s Fabric Care Kit products will not affect the look, feel or condition of fabric, and are designed to leave no surface residue.

Your kit includes:
1 x 250mL Cleaning Fluid
1 x 250mL Protection Shield
1 x Microfibre Application Cloth
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  • Non toxic, Eco friendly, Odour Free & Australian Made
  • Professional strength products that are suitable for all types of fabric furniture and finishes
  • Specifically formulated for the harsh Australian climate with special additives designed to repel moisture
  • Maintains the look and feel of fabric with easy to use pump spray bottles
  • Includes enough product for repeat applications and reusable application cloth
  • Natural biodegradable products used by our own fabric repair technicians


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What’s in the box?

The kit contains 1 x 250mL bottle of Fabric Spot Cleaner, 1 x 250mL bottle of Fabric stain Protector and 1 reusable microfibre cloth.  The Spot Cleaner is for removing isolated dirt, spills and stains.  The Fabric Protector is to be applied over the surface and allowed to dry, preventing spills from soaking into and staining the fabric.  The microfibre cloth is to be used together with the spot cleaner to blot out stains and marks.  It can be rinsed in clean water and used over and over again.

Which product should I use first?

Use the Spot Cleaner to remove any marks or stains.  Follow the directions on the bottle.  It’s also a good idea to vacuum the entire fabric sofa, if you’re cleaning furniture.  This is so loose dirt and dust is removed and doesn’t get trapped by the Fabric Protector.  If your upholstery is very dirty, we recommend getting a professional clean before applying the Fabric Protector product. Once the fabric is clean, apply the Fabric Protector.  Follow the instructions on the bottle.

What size lounge will this product care for?

The 250mL Fabric Spot Cleaner is designed for cleaning isolated marks and stains, therefore it will last a few dozen clean attempts.  The 250mL Fabric Protection Shield will provide one application across a standard five seater lounge.

What type of fabrics can I use this product on?

Both products in the Fabric Upholstery Care Kit can be used on any type of fabric.  We recommend always testing the products on a hidden area of the fabric before using them for the first time to ensure there are no adverse effects.

Can I use each product individually?

Yes.  Use the Fabric Spot Cleaner anytime you need to clean off a mark, spill or stain.  You can use the Fabric Protection Shield on any fabric item, just ensure it is clean before applying.

Can I wash the cloth in the washing machine?

Yes.  The microfibre cloth is reusable and can be washed with other towels, or colours.  Once washed hang to dry.

How often should I use the products?

Use the Fabric Spot Cleaner anytime you need to remove a mark or stain.  Apply the Fabric Protection Shield as soon as possible, preferably when your furniture is new.  Re-apply each year for maximum protection.

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