Melt into Quinn

There’s nothing lovelier than falling back onto a beautifully made, cushioned chair made with an ever-so-soft premium fabric while kicking your feet up with its full recline function to wind down from a busy day. Two elements that are essential to us when designing our Nursery Chairs at iL Tutto are style and more importantly, the comfort of our chairs. Do you prefer a cushioned, pillow-like back support where your body and shoulders melt into? Well then Quinn is your chair.The element that stands out most in our Quinn collection from our other Chairs is this pillow-like back, whether you’re using the Nursery Chair to rest your tired body, cuddle your newbie or to breast or bottle feed your baby, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud between the softness of the cushion and smooth glide of the Chair. This is what makes the Quinn the dreamiest of our Nursery Chairs.

Meet our Quinn Recliner and Glider Nursery Chairs

iL Tutto Beautiful Family Enjoying Quinn Nursery Chair and Modena Cot & Chest

Quinn Recliner and Glider in Coastal Sand

The new Coastal Sand colour was carefully designed by our Creative Director due to the high demand of our sandy, cream and white Nursery Chairs in other styles such as our Chelsea and Felix Chairs. We wanted to bring a touch of the Australian coast to Nurseries, mirroring our magnificent white sandy beaches that surround this beautiful country of ours. The Quinn Coastal Sands is crafted beautifully by soft premium fibres, exclusive to iL Tutto.So that you can wind down from your busy day in ultimate comfort and style. Purchase your Quinn Coastal Sand today.

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iL Tutto Quinn Nursery Recliner Glider Chair in Egg Shell @harryandtash

Quinn Recliner & Glider in Egg Shell

Between raising your baby and finding time for yourself, parenting can have its challenges. Here at iL Tutto, we design all our nursing chairs in Melbourne, Australia with the intention to help with this balancing act. Our Quinn Glider & Recliner Nursery Chair in Egg Shell is becoming one of our best-selling Chairs, it's easy to assemble and will fit effortlessly into your home.

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iL Tutto Quinn Nursery Recliner Glider Chair in Pure Grey & Verona Toddler Bed

Quinn Recliner & Glider in Pure Grey

The Quinn’s glider & recliner in Pure Grey is one of our most dreamiest of chairs. It boasts a high, cushioned back for both neck and back support. When we say 'cushioned' we mean as soft as a cloud, giving your body more relief to rest after long nights, all while giving you the support you need when feeding your baby. The Quinn features a slightly wider base giving you more space for feeding and cuddles, with even more room to enjoy story time with a sibling.

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Premium fabric, exclusive to iL Tutto

Looking after your iL Tutto furniture will not only maintain the appearance of your beautiful piece but also extend its life. Il Tutto’s every growing range is made with high quality premium fabric that is exclusive to us at iL Tutto. With a newborn, common and accidental stains are inevitable. We have put together some short videos with our best tips & trick to clean those inevitable messes. You can watch them here.