The Best Nursery Glider to Complete Your Dream Nursery

It’s important to find a calm place to feed your baby so that your baby becomes sleepy after a good feed. Glider Nursery Chairs are the most ideal Chair to soothe your baby to sleep, calm your baby when they’re unsettled, and create a place of peace for comforting. Our signature style, the Chelsea Glider Recliner Chair is designed to support parents nurture and raise their baby from newborn all the way until your child can read on their own with its timeless, high-quality design.

Yes your Glider Chair will most likely start in your baby’s nursery, however, it has the ability to live beyond the breastfeeding and bottle-feeding years, to adorn your bedroom, living room or even your favourite reading nook. The practicality and longevity it offers is priceless. See how our customers are using and styling their Chelsea…

Why you'll love the Chelsea..

The Chelsea Nursery Chair has been designed to give families years’ worth of love & support. There’ll be plenty of items you may want for your nursery, from Cots, Bassinets, Changing Tables and Chests, but having a Nursery Chair is essential when feeding your baby for proper ergonomic body support.

The Chelsea Recliner is our best-selling Nursery Chair for a reason, it ticks all the boxes:
Stylish ✔️
Comfortable ✔️
Ergonomic ✔️
Supportive ✔️
Functional ✔️

From @golden.bump

I remember the excitement around putting together the baby’s nursery and buying so many beautiful things, however practicality is sometimes lost in the day dreaming. That brings me to the underrated recliner chair. Are they cheap, no. Are they worth the cost, absolutely. We tend to brush over the fact that for the foreseeable future you will be spending hours (for me it was a min of 13 hrs a day) in that chair.

Feeding (there’s 12 hrs alone), burping, rocking, sleeping, kissing and cuddling your baby…all in that chair. Then there’s pumping, snacking, reading, scrolling, sleeping and
that’s even more time spent in what I called my beautiful but extremely uncomfortable nursery chair, that frankly left my back feeling broken.

Having adequate back, leg and neck support is so important and will save you money in osteo, chiro and massage appointments – take my word for it. So when you’re thinking cost per use, investing in a great nursery chair should absolutely be a focus…lucky for you, you’re in the right

Chelsea Features

1. Easy Recline

The Chelsea Glider Recliner reclines with an easy pull of a small handle, which will gently raise your legs to recharge your tired body after long and busy days with your young family. Simply push your body back to recline almost flat on the Chair for ultimate comfort… nap anyone?

2. Support

Back in the upright position, the chair is proportionally designed to support your body for breastfeeding, or bottle feeding your baby. The Chelsea’s design comprises supportive armrests, a high backrest (for back, shoulder and head support) along with side wings for extra head support during those days & nights your baby and your BODY need a little extra comfort.

3. 360 degree swivel

As parents, we want only the best for our babies and the Chelsea Glider Recliner will not disappoint for both the early months of newborn while feeding 17 hours a day, all the way through until your child is able to read to you. The 360 degree swivel will ensure you’ll be able to access any accessory while holding your baby.

4. Easy to Assemble

Another attractive feature of the Chelsea is that it’s easy to assemble! Simply remove from the one box it’s delivered in, attached the backrest to the base, then slide in the side panels. Hint – if you struggle connecting the side panels, we suggest attaching the side panels to the backrest before attaching to the base.

5. Premium Fabric

The Chelsea Glider Recliner Nursery Chair is wrapped in OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 premium fabric that’s exclusive to iL Tutto. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

6. Available in 5 colours & an Electric Recliner

You can also enjoy the traditional style of our best-selling Chelsea Nursery Chair with the benefits and features of an electric recliner nursery chair. It reclines with the touch of a button, glides and swivels effortlessly and includes a charging port to keep your pump and phone fully operational

Raving Reviews


Quick delivery, easy set up, comfy and easy to move around in - due to the rotating base and rocking features. Arm rest is at a good height for breastfeeding, and the head rests on the side are good for when you are exhausted!

Kelly W. 


This is such a comfy chair thanks to the cushioning. It really saved my back. Very happy with the colour choice we went with, along with being able to recline and still spin around while relaxing my feet. Highly recommend

Martin C.