Why is comfort so important when it comes to your nursing chair?

According to Inc. Australia “A year of breastfeeding equates to a conservative estimate of 1,800 hours of a mother’s time. This isn’t far off from a full time job considering that a 40-hour work week with three weeks of vacation comes in at 1,960 hours of work time a year”.

It doesn’t matter if you breastfeed or bottle feed, 1,800 hours of your time means you’ll be not only wanting but needing to invest in a comfortable and practical place to feed.

Our range of nursery chairs feature cushioned armrests at the optimal height for supporting your body while nursing your baby which creates less pressure on your neck and shoulders. When sitting in a chair that has not been designed specifically for feeding, you will find that your body can experience aches, pains and even headaches from the lack of support & comfort your body needs. Once your body is supported, you’ll experience less stress on your back and upper body and trust us when we say, your body will thank you for it. 

Our range of ever so comfortable Nursery Chairs all boast a cushioned backrests for the ultimate comfort, neck and shoulder support, and for those wanting that little but more, the Chelsea Nursery Chair range features side panels for additional body and head support to truly allow you to unwind and rest your body.

Comfort means something different to everyone. Knowing this, we made sure to offer as many features as possible across our wide range of nursing chair so everyone is able to find their ideal position no matter what the preference.

The recline function can see you either in a sitting position with legs up, or laying the entire body flat, supporting your body from head to toe…how dreamy!  No need to worry, as always, we have made sure to lock the chair when it’s reclined to make sure you are not able to glide and lose control as safety always comes first.

Rest easy in our new range of Electric Recliners. The biggest benefit of the electric feature is locking your recline into any position that you choose. If your core strength is compromised
after birth, the electric recliner is the perfect chair for you with its effortless recline and sit up functionality (perfect for those c-section recoveries). Rest and recharge both your body, and your device with its included USB port for charging. 

Our fabrics

All fabrics on our chairs are Oeko-tex-certified meaning there’s no harmful chemicals on the fabric to harm you or your baby. 

Tested for Toxic Chemicals. This label certifies that every component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals  

Reasons to indulge in a comfortable, yet stylish Nursery Chair… 

Our Comfort Top Picks

Chelsea Nursery Chair

The Chelsea Glider Reclining Chair chair will help soothe your tired body during those long nights with your new baby and can also gently rock your baby to sleep with its smooth gliding motion.

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Quinn Nursery Chair

The Quinn’s glider & recliner is one of our dreamiest of chairs. It boasts a high, cushioned back for both neck and back support. When we say 'cushioned' we
mean as soft as a cloud, giving your body more relief to rest after long nights, all while giving you the support you need when feeding your baby.

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Paige Nursery Chair

The Paige Glider Recliner in Bouclé creates a cosy, warm and an oh-so inviting aesthetic which allows it to fit effortlessly into any nursery or even living room style.

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