Beautiful in Bouclé

We're sure you would have seen the beautiful bouclé fabric everywhere you look & we are obsessed! At iL Tutto, we pride ourselves on designing the highest-quality range where style meets comfort, and this is no exception.

Meet our newest collection in Bouclé across our best-selling Glider and Rocker Nursery Chairs and our newest, most timeless piece, the Quinn Recliner Glider Chair now wrapped in Vanilla Bouclé. Inspired by you ❤️
We’ve taken our Felix, Lulu, Paige, Quinn and Olivia chairs and wrapped them in a luxurious Bouclé, to bring an extra touch of glam & style to your home. Bouclé (pronounced boo-clay) is a French term referring to nubby, fleecy-looking looped yarn that just simply radiates elegance.

Quinn Recliner & Glider in Vanilla Bouclé

We have taken ultimate comfort up a level by wrapping our Quinn Nursery Recliner Chair in the luxurious and cosy, Vanilla Boucle. You won’t want to be anywhere else during your 4th trimester once you have nestled into this standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified fabric and enjoyed the cushioned backrest of Quinn.

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iL Tutto Paige Nursery Recliner Glider Chair in Boucle

Paige Recliner & Glider in Vanilla Bouclé

Bonne-nuit Paige Recliner & Glider in Vanilla Bouclé! Vanilla Bouclé meets clean lines and minimalist style, providing gliding comfort that will last a lifetime in your home, also featuring a full-recline, 360 degrees of swivel and an extra cushion for lower back support or for support while feeding your baby. 

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IL Tutto Felix Nursery Chair in Boucle

Felix Recliner & Glider in Vanilla Bouclé

Bonsoir Felix Recliner & Glider in Vanilla Bouclé! Vanilla Bouclé meets our slimmest Nursing Chair design, ideal for smaller spaces. Featuring a soft, cushioned backrest, recline, 360 degree swivel and a smooth glide for a calm feed.

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iL Tutto Lulu Nursery Glider Chair with CoZee Bassinet

Lulu Glider in Vanilla Bouclé

Bonjour Lulu Glider in Vanilla Bouclé! Vanilla Bouclé meets on our stylish chairs, Lulu. This chair can sit in any room of the house whether than your nursery, bedroom or living room. It’s timeless and cosy design features a 360 degree swivel base, a smooth gliding motion.

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IL Tutto Olivia Nursery Rocking Chair with Ottoman

Olivia Rocking Chair with Ottoman in Ivy Bouclé

Oh la la Olivia Rocking Chair with Ottoman in Ivy Bouclé! Beautiful in comfort and style, our new Olivia Rocking Chair in Ivory Bouclé will not disappoint! This timeless yet modern design oozes style with its elegant design, cream Bouclé and timber legs. Olivia will live beyond the Nursery, simply remove the rocking legs, and replace with the timber standing legs provided, to give it an occasional chair look that can adorn any room in your house. Olivia also comes with a convenient and stylish ottoman, also with timber legs that can be used as extra storage space with its removal cover and plenty of room for all your baby essentials such as blankets, feeding supplies and nappies.

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How to care for your bouclé

A bouclé piece of furniture is easy to clean, making it perfect for
furniture. Of course, you want to enjoy your bouclé furniture for as
long as possible, so it is advisable to maintain the fabric. Fortunately, this is very easy. Regularly vacuum the fabric to remove all crumbs, dust, and hairs. For any marks / dirt on your lovely Bouclé, it’s encouraged to clear immediately to avoid longer-term stains. Simply use a water-based fabric cleaner or a gentle mix of water, a touch of detergent/dish soap and vinegar with water in a spray bottle and lightly dab the affected area until it’s gone, then allow fabric to completely dry. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team at