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What do I need in my nappy bag come gym bag? We are here to help!

How to pack the perfect gym bag

New mums that are into fitness, look no further! We have designed a bag that is perfect for your fitness regime AND your newborn baby regime.

We know getting back into fitness after you have had your bub is hard enough – all those changes to your body, all those moments you don’t want to miss with your little cherub, all those crunches that you haven’t/couldn’t possibly have done for the last 2 months.

Exercise though, is essential for your mental and physical well being which ultimately is better for your new baby. Fact! You’ll already know or be soon to discover that throwing your little one up into the air is guaranteed giggles, and that is certainly worth doing the extra arm workouts for!

We designed the Layla so that you can fit ALL your gym gear AND your baby bits in it if you need to. It’s super spacious, lightweight and obbbbviously stylish enough to go with your lulu lemon or P.E nation gear. We wanted to take the excuses and the hardness out of getting in that gym so, ta da, we did!

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We also thought it might be helpful for us to put together a little list of essentials you might need to cover both objectives. Have a gander below:

1. Headphones – very important in our (humble) opinion. The gym music is never loud enough and if Beyonce or Rhianna in your ear doesn’t motivate you, what will?!

2. Workout gear that makes you feel GREAT – we all know that the better you feel, the easier it is to workout so make sure you pick a pair of leggings and a tee that flatters you, holds you in and is BREATHABLE so you can leave looking fresh as a (slightly sweaty) daisy. We love these @harveyandmills ones, pretty but functional.

3. Towel – you may want to take an extra five minutes to yourself to get fresh. Besides, we all know a shower is a luxury when your new born baby isn't in a creche so make the most of it. Pop in some aromatic shampoo too to make it extra luxurious. MELBOURNE BRAND HERE

4. Trainers – because, well, no explanation needed here.

5. Lipstick – a quick swipe can make you feel and look ready for anything. Our favourites are Rouge Coco by Channel and Rimmel London Kate Nudes for a natural look

6. Phone and purse – you’ll probably want to pick up a smoothie or protein bar after you’ve worked hard so don’t forget your dollars. Refuelling after a workout is SUPER important and top tip? You can consume quite a few calories here as your body is in repair mode so make the most of it! Obviously you’ll need tour phone to scroll through Insta whilst you’re snacking!

7. Sunnies – going out into the real world afterwards, not always fun. Sunnies give the world a lovely tint. Perfect.

8. Swaddle – Great for wrapping the baby up, using as a feeding cloth of just an extra bit of warmth, these versatile things are as fab as they can be pretty. Aden and Anais do some beautiful ones.

9. Nappies – always good to have on hand! Pop them in one of the internal side pockets and hey presto, have your baby changed and happy in a flash. Baby Tooshies by Toms have some lovely natural ones.

10. Wipes – good for the baby, good for you to refresh, good for wiping things off your bag, GREAT for spillages. Basically, wipes are just the best.

11. Bottle – if you’re not breastfeeding you’ll need something on hand to keep the babies tummy nice and full. We love the Como Tomo bottles, they are made to feel exactly like, well, like the real thing which makes it so much nicer for the wee one.

12. Nappy cream – nappy rash is a real and painful thing and this bad boy will mean less tears, we can guarantee you. It’s also great for any little cuts and grazes you might get so yes, a multitasking product we highly recommend!

Happy gym-ing!