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Best Colors for Baby Furniture #2: Grey

In our previous post, we discussed how the color of your nursery walls and furniture can dramatically transform the tone of the room. With a new, impressionable baby living there, it’s important to paint the walls colors that will convey the appropriate tone. In that post, we then went on to focus on one specific color of furniture — subdued blue. Subdued blue is a calming color that can help your baby sleep and feel safe and secure in the room. In today’s post, we will be discussing another great color for nurseries — grey!

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of grey is “boring,” but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Grey is both a chic and sensible color to incorporate into your overall nursery design. When it comes to high-quality grey baby furniture, Il Tutto, based in Melbourne, has some of the best around. Check out our collection of grey nursery furniture today!

Why Choose Grey

The color scheme of your nursery can affect the way your baby sleeps, how much they eat, and their overall mood. That’s why the goal of the color scheme in your nursery should be to create a space that is comforting, nurturing, and calming. Facilitating that, it’s best to choose colors that convey a sense of serenity and peace. Prominent among the non-agitating colors out there is grey. Why choose grey?

  1. It’s a neutral color — It provides a softness that can be comforting to babies.
  2. It’s foundational — You probably don’t want everything in the room to be grey, but some grey furniture will likely match the rest of your room and also can help complement other design decisions.
  3. It’s protective — Grey conveys a sense of safety and balance. It can help a nursery feel safer and more secure for your baby.

Grey conveys a clean brightness to your nursery. Unlike white, it also is going to stand the test of time better — a stain won’t be the end of it. For a versatile, gender-neutral color palette, various shades of grey can be just what you’re looking for. However, working with grey can be a balancing act — you don’t want your nursery to look flat or dreary. To make your nursery look serene and sophisticated, some grey furniture can help. Just make sure to:

  • Choose the Right Shade — Cool greys can help highlight blue tones in the room, while warm greys highlight yellow tones. Darker hues can look a bit dreary if not used carefully. To keep your nursery cheerful and pleasant, go for a blue-grey of a light to medium shade.
  • Add Color — A soft yellow blanket atop the chair can enhance the visual interest of the room and accent the elegant grey furniture. Grey is the simplest color to match with, as it goes with pretty much anything. However, to narrow down your options a bit, some great colors to complement grey are cool pastels, like aqua, pale pink, or lavender. However, if you prefer a warmer grey, sunny colors like yellow and burnt sienna go together nicely.
  • Utilize Contrast — If there is one secret to making grey work in a baby nursery, it is to create contrast. Set gray against its parent colors — black and white — to instantly create some accents that enhance the clean, bright effect of your grey furniture. The darker the grey you get, the more white you should aim to surround it with, to help break the tones up more distinctly. Conversely, lighter shades of grey will look better surrounded by some black accents.
  • Use Patterns — Energize your nursery by adding some interesting patterns into the space. Consider accent walls, patterned rugs, or pillows with intriguing designs on them.
  • Focus on Texture — One of the risks with grey is that things become too boring. One of the best ways to counteract this is to incorporate a wide variety of textures into the nursery to add visual interest and dimension to the room. Layering the floor with fabrics, perhaps having wood floors beneath that, and including nursery furniture with different textures can strongly enhance the appearance of your cozy new baby room.

Get Grey Nursery Furniture from Il Tutto

A significant number of our nursery furniture is designed to be grey due to the universality of the color, as well as it’s sophisticated, chic, and neutral impact. Some colors are so vibrant that they can disturb your baby. Not grey. Grey is a very safe bet when it comes to choosing new nursery furniture.

To recap what we covered in this blog post: grey is a color that conveys sophistication and can be calming for your baby. However, to make it work, take into consideration other design aspects like shade, other colors, contrast, patterns, and texture.

Different colors have varying effects on one’s ability to relax, on our emotions, energy levels, and more. Research on how colors impact babies and toddlers shows that they are extremely susceptible to color stimulations. Therefore, make sure you put some thought into how you design the nursery and in what color nursery furniture you decide to get.

When designing your nursery, it’s important to have furniture that is high-quality and matches your overall aesthetic choices. If you have decided to go with a grey-themed nursery, Il Tutto in Melbourne has many great furniture options for you to choose from. Check out our collection of nursery furniture today!