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Best Colors for Baby Furniture #1: Blue

The color of walls and furniture can dramatically transform the tone of any room. This is especially true when it comes to your nursery, as babies are extremely impressionable. If you are an expecting mother, you have most likely already put some thought into what the overall color scheme you’d like to have for the room. However, you may be surprised by some of the conclusions this article reaches. This guide covers the best colors to paint your nursery, focusing in particular on the best colors for the furniture in the room.

When it comes to vibrant, high-quality nursery furniture, you can find no better options around than Il Tutto’s. Check our amazing collection of nursery furniture today. We design fabulous, on-trend nursery furniture in Australia to not only be fashionable, but highly functional too. Our entire range is designed in Melbourne but we ship our products all over the world. Read more about Il Tutto’s story here.

7 Best Colors for Nursery Furniture

Did you know that different colors can affect how your baby sleeps, how much they eat, and their mood? The overall goal for the color scheme of your nursery should be to create a comfortable, nurturing, and calm place for your baby. To facilitate that, it’s best to choose colors that convey a sense of serenity. That is not the end of the story, however. Check out color #7 to see how it can sometimes be appropriate to break from a purely peaceful palette.

#1: Subdued Blue

A light, subtle blue can help keep your baby relaxed and calm. This also is the case for medium shades of blue. However, avoid dark shades, as they tend to have the opposite effect. Reduce your baby's restlessness and psychic tension by incorporating the color of the calm sea or a cloudless sky. In term of psychology, analysts have reported its effects as involving

  • Lowering blood-pressure
  • Reducing heart-rate
  • Improving with sleep

When you have a tantrum-prone newborn or toddler, anything that can go towards calming them down is worth doing, just so you yourself can get a bit more sleep and quiet. Specific types of blue to go for are aqua, powder blue, or even lighter shades of turquoise.

We’re not just talking about walls here, folks. Increase your child’s tranquility as well as your nursery’s cool aesthetic by choosing from some of our blue nursery furniture. Two of our favorite blue nursery furniture options available right now we have:

The Claudia rocking chair & ottoman in blue with natural legs was designed to last. Featuring wooden rocking legs to compliment the overall decor in your nursery, it will look great in the room without looking out of place. Increase the comfort of your nursery with this high-quality chair and ottomon set. The Claudia is made from a soft cotton blend fabric that boasts a high-backed button back rest with a removable and washable lumbar cushion. It also features armrests at the optimal height to help support you while breastfeeding or bottle feeding your infant. The Claudi set in blue will also help contribute to the blue, peaceful serenity of your nursery. If you’re looking for blue baby furniture, the Claudia is an excellent choice. Read more about its features today!

The CoZee® Bedside Crib bassinet for baby in oak and midnight blue is the perfect, rule-breaking color to compliment the rest of your blue-themed nursery. With the inside being a soothing white, the outside is a moderate- to dark-toned blue, providing a bit of energy and a splash of variation to your nursery. The CoZee® Bedside Crib bassinet has been designed to help you develop that special bond with your child. It can be used as a crib or as a standalone bassinet. This baby bassinet features an innovative, 30-second open-and-fold mechanism that makes it the perfect crib for when you need to be on the move. If you’re looking for a strong, beautiful, and useful bassinet to go with your blue-themed nursery, the CoZee® Bedside Crib bassinet for baby in oak and midnight blue might just meet your needs. Read more about its superb functionality and see photographs here.

Calming Blue Nursery Furniture

Blue is such a calming color, making it well-suited for your baby’s nursery. The best shades of blue to use are soft, warm, or bright colors. A splash of darker blue is also suitable, if done in moderation. Blue baby furniture will have a positive impact on your baby’s sleep patterns and may even reduce occurrence of tantrums.

When designing your nursery, it’s important to have furniture that is high-quality and matches your overall aesthetic choices. If you have decided to go with a blue-themed nursery, Il Tutto in Melbourne has many great furniture options for you to choose from. Check out our collection of nursery furniture today!