CoZee Wheels Set of 4


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CoZee set of 4 wheels designed to attach to all current CoZee bassinets. Add a set of wheels to easily move your CoZee around the home. Can also be locked into place for safety. 

Sold separately to CoZee bassinet. Can be attached to all current CoZee models purchased and currently available on our website. If you already have the CoZee bassinet and you had purchased prior to 2020 then the wheels will not be suitable for your model. If you require further assistance please contact us to discuss suitability.  
Wheels are included with the CoZee AIR model.

Customer Reviews (2)

Now it's perfect!

I received the wheels very soon after ordering them. They were the only thing missing from the product when we bought it. Now when my husband is working away I can easily wheel the co sleeper all around the house, including over the carpets. Valente

Product review

We purchased 4 wheels for our basinet as it did not come Included in packaging when we purchased it. We ordered them and we r very happy we can now wheel it around the house as more of a convenient part of everyday activity to ensure mum doesn’t have to lift or worry about moving the bassinet from room to room with a struggle Elly Ajro
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