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Quinn Glider Recliner Chair in Coastal Sand

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Color: Coastal Sand

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Quinn Glider Recliner Chair in Coastal Sand


Freshen up your nursery with our new, modern & deliciously creamy, Quinn in Coastal Sand.

There’s nothing lovelier than falling back onto a beautifully made, cushioned chair made with an ever-so-soft and premium fabric while kicking your feet up on its footrest in full recline position to wind down from a busy day. Meet iL Tutto’s newest addition that will not disappoint, even the fussiest, the Quinn Glider & Recliner Nursery Chair in Coastal Sand.

The new Coastal Sand colour was carefully designed by our Creative Director due to such high demand of our sandy, creamy and white coloured Chairs in other styles such as our Chelsea and Felix Nursery Chairs. We wanted to bring a touch of the Australian coast to Nurseries, mirroring the magnificent white sandy beaches that surround this beautiful country of ours.

Now available in 3 different colours, the element that stands out most in our Quinn collection from our other Chairs is this pillow-like backrest, whether you’re nursing a baby or resting your tired body, you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud between the softness of the cushion and the smooth glide of the Chair. This is what makes the Quinn the dreamiest of our Nursery Chairs.

The Quinn Coastal Sand is crafted beautifully by soft premium fibres, exclusive to iL Tutto so that you can wind down from your busy day in ultimate comfort and style.
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  • Ergonomic Design to support the feeding parents, 
  • Spring-loaded recline that allows you to sit up 
    without using abdominals to allow for rest after birth,
  • Premium fabric that is exclusive to iL Tutto,
  • Comfortable and supportive for feeding and 
    settling your baby,
  • Classic style to suit every home,
  • Cushioned backrest,
  • Functional, practical and versatile,
  • Swivel base,
  • Full recline,
  • Soft fabric,
  • Designed in Australia,
  • Online exclusive to iL Tutto,


Dimension & Weight: 


iL Tutto offers premium and durable fabrics in an exclusive range of colours to suit your home aesthetic. Order your fabric sample swatch by clicking on this link which will take you to our contact us page. Please provide the Nursery Chair name and colour you wish to order along with your name, email and delivery address.


At iL Tutto, we want to take away any worry or concerns you may have about the delivery of heavy furniture to your home by offering you a couple of delivery options. If you live in a metropolitan suburb in Australia (excluding Perth, Hobart & Darwin) you can either choose free standard delivery (which includes delivery to your door, no stairs) or our new Delivery PLUS option (a 2-man delivery, straight into your nursery or room of choice at your preferred time). Regional deliveries only include standard delivery at a flat rate per state to most regional areas.

See our delivery page for more detailed pricing on all areas and services.

Protect & Care

  • To prolong the life of your pieces, iL Tutto recommends you stain guard your nursing chairs,
  • Protect by not placing furniture in direct sunlight and heat, this will ensure a longer last,
  • Vacuum your chair regularly to remove the build-up of surface dust,
  • Make sure to clean up surface stains as soon as possible, being careful not to rub stain into fabric, you can watch our video on removing stain on our YouTube channel,
  • Use a dabbing motion with a clean section of the cloth for each dab (as shown in our cleaning videos),
  • Do not over wet fabric and allow to dry naturally between repeated spot cleaning procedures,
  • Do not machine wash you’re your Chairs fabric,
  • Pilling is a characteristic of some fabrics. Commonly it presents as balling or matting of fabric fibres on the surface of your fabric sofa. Not to worry, this is simple to remove. De-pilling should form part of your regular an ongoing nursery chair maintenance. A pilling remover can be purchased here,
  • Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals on your Chair fabric.

Assembly Instructions

View the Quinns assembly instructions


What is the maximum weight capacity for the Quinn Nursery Chair? 

Quinn has a weight capacity of 100kg.

What is the warranty on the Quinn Nursery Chair?

IL Tutto furniture items come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required with any warranty claims. For all warranty claims please contact us via phone or email. We will then advise you on the steps to follow to initiate your warranty claim. 

What's the difference between a Glider Chair and a Rocking Chair?

Although a glider and rocking nursery chair achieve the same objective, to soother and relax you and your newborn, a glider is a smoother motion that involves less manual effort from a postpartum body. 

What is the difference between the Chelsea and Quinn Nursing Chair?

As far as functionality and size, the Chelsea and Quinn nursery chairs are the same. The main difference is the backrest. The Quinn chair has a pillow-style backrest, where the Chelsea has a slightly firmer, winged back-style backrest which has lumbar support.

Both chairs are our most popular sellers, so it might come down to the design you like the best. 

I want to order but it's on pre-order, what does this mean?

For any pre-orders made, the ETA date will be outlined on the product page and confirmed in an email. This is usually any time from 2 weeks – to 3 months, depending on how quickly we can get the item made for you. No need to stress if you see that the pre-order date has changed on the product page. If you’ve made a pre-order already, the date on your pre-order confirmation email is still valid. 

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