Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag

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Colour: 3mth-12mth

Colour: 8mth-24mth

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Long Sleeve Sleeping Bag


Once the swaddling phase is over and to keep your baby sleeping safely in cooler Nursery temperatures, the soft & breathable Long Sleeve 2.5 TOG Sleeping Bag is most ideal for your baby to use as its first sleeping bag, ideal for temperatures between 20 - 24°C and can layer up or down with Light or Warm Zippees. TOG rated for warmth and made from sustainable, natural fibre fabric and filled with breathable cotton and quilted, this Long Sleeve Sleeping bag will make your baby feel like they're wearing the most luxuriously soft & safe wearable blanket that you won’t want to stop cuddling, replacing the need for any blankets. The arms are a lighter 0.5 TOG rated natural fabric, lined with a soft brush fleece, for your baby to stay warm, yet also light enough to help regulate their body temperature while sleeping. The slim fit sleeping bag has been designed to support your baby sleep safely, and encourage growth, with its hip-healthy pear-shaped design, soft and stretchy composition and extra length to grow into. This is the softest sleepwear you'll ever touch!

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