TOG and Temperature Guide Charts

What you need to know...

Grow Kindly bags have been tested according to the warmth they provide your baby. These TOG and temperature charts have been specifically created for Grow Kindly bags, endorsed by The Holistic Bub, Nurse & Paediatric Sleep Consultant. We also have an app you can download that gives you personalised TOG options and expert guidance that's specific and beneficial for your child's age. Download App

Firstly, what is a TOG?

If you’re an expecting parent, you’re probably wondering what a TOG is? Babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature when wrapped up for sleep, so this is why we provide TOG measurements for Grow Kindly sleepwear. ‘TOG’ is the tested fabric weight (yes, we test all our products for an accurate TOG weight) to give parents safer guidance on how to dress your newborn, baby and toddler for sleep according to room temperature, the rule of thumb is, the lighter the thickness, the lighter the TOG and you’ll use lighter TOGs for warmer temperatures.

How to read these charts...

We've created a chart for each 'stage' your baby is in: Newborn (0-3/4 months) when you may be swaddling, Baby 3 - 12 months, Toddler 12+ months when they're becoming little explorers. Simply look at the temperature on the side of the chart, and find the best TOG and product solution. If you're ever in doubt, please download our App for even more guidance.