Urban Play Mat | Large

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Urban Play Mat | Large


Imagine a play mat that's not just a plain ol' mat but a magic carpet ride of contemporary design. On one side, a chic grayscale design that's as modern as your homes interior. On the flip side, dive into a vibrant township bursting with colors – a metropolis of fun for your little one.

But wait, there's more! This playtime wonder isn't just for the kiddos – parents, rejoice! It's the perfect companion for your at-home workouts while your tiny tyke takes a snooze.

Spills and messes? Pfft, no problem! It's waterproof and a breeze to wipe clean. Plus, it's made of non-toxic, no-chemical stuff – because we believe in keeping things safe and snazzy.

Did someone say "softest play mat on the market"? Yep, that's us! We're the original and the best, and our mats are so comfy you'd want to nap on them too. In fact, they're so cozy, your little explorer won't even feel those bumps and tumbles.

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