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Masai Mara Play Mat | X-Large

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Masai Mara Play Mat | X-Large


  • ⭐️ 3 year warranty - trusted quality,

  • 💯 Largest play mat on the market,

  • 💭 Educational side,

  • 🍃 Non-toxic & eco-friendly certified,

  • 📮 Free shipping on all play mats*,

Create a safe and fun haven for bubs with iL Tutto’s range of premium play mats - you’ll soon realise they’re the softest, most superior product on the market.

Delicate to touch with more cushioning than you can possibly imagine, our play mats are super thick, are heavy (meaning double the weight of other play mat brands available) providing far stronger floor grip so your child doesn’t slip, maximum shock absorbency and overall, more comfort for hours of fun at play time.

iL Tutto’s Masai Mara play mat design is a firm favourite of little people everywhere! Its multi-coloured, beautifully bright animal print design is mesmerising for little eyes. The benefit of all our play mats is that they feature reversible designs - Side 1’s playful interactive safari animal scene is a design that engages kids from the moment they’re set down on it. Side 2 of the Masai Mara showcases a cute and colourful alphabet arrangement, the perfect way to teach your little one some early education basics.

All iL Tutto play mats are known for being supremely soft and comfortable thickness and quality grade. But they’re also wonderfully sturdy, produced to the highest safety standards worldwide using non-toxic, child-safe materials. And, best of all, they’re a breeze to clean (spills wipe away with ease) because they’re 100% waterproof, so they’re perfect for indoor and outdoor use. iL Tutto play mats really are the most practical, safe and quality-led choice for your new family’s needs.

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  • Largest play mat on the market - so much room to play!
  • Reversible Design with one side focusing on Education design
  • Fits inside our play pens
  • Certified Eco-friendly Manufacturer
  • Waterproof to make cleaning easy
  • Extra padding for comfort & safety
  • Shock resistant to give your child a safe place to learn and grow
  • Made from only patented eco-friendly materials 
  • Indoor or outdoor play
  • Non-slip due to extra grip
  • Stylish & educational design
  • 3 year warranty
  • Free of phthalates, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals, no BPA  




Enjoy free standard delivery for all Play Mats Australia-wide*. 

See our delivery page for more details.

Protect & Care

What is the best way to clean the play mat?

Cleaning your play mats is quick and easy! We suggest you use a damp cloth and some warm soapy water to wipe away any mess. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals as this may damage the mat. You can also mop over the mat when cleaning your floors , just make sure you are not using any harsh chemical that may harm your baby or your play mat.

How do I remove ink or marker from the play mat? 

If your child has discovered their inner artist and decided to get creative with a pen or marker on the play mat you could try using Sugar Soap wipes or Orange Oil Goo and Spot remover as we find this is helpful for removing ink. Remember to wash the mat afterwards with warm soapy water to remove any cleaning product used. Always do a spot test prior to cleaning the mat to avoid causing more damage. 


Will this play mat fit inside the play castle?

Yes, all the X-Large play mats fit the play castles.

What are your play mats made of?

Our play mats are made of only the finest quality patented eco-friendly materials. All our play mats are made with a non-toxic eco-friendly materials called eco-friendly PVC. This is a very different material from traditional PVC that is known for its toxicity concerns due to the use of plasticisers like phthalates. Non-toxic eco-friendly PVC which is used in medical equipment, toys, and households, is completely free of phthalates and has been tested and proven safe for human usage. In addition, our mats contain no formaldehyde no heavy metals including lead and mercury and no BPA. All toxins in the materials are removed by our manufacturers with toxic removal technology and passes all Regulation and Product Standards in the USA, EU and Australia.

Why are your mats more expensive than others on the market?

There are some play mats sold in Australia, that are made from cheaper quality chemicals and not tested to the same high standard as our range of Play Mats. Generally these products are made from different materials such as TPU and are lighter weight and do not offer the same higher density and supportive cushion. Even though the mats may look similar in photos and on the surface, there is a clear distinction when you feel and see the product, with cheaper mats flattening when pinched between your fingers, and the surface and lower print quality being a clear sign of cheaper product. 

Is the play mat waterproof? 

Yes, the play mats are waterproof and can easily be wiped cleaned when spills occur. 

Can furniture be placed on the play mat?

Generally this is not recommended. Placing furniture on the play mat, especially heavy furniture, may cause permanent depressions or damage to your play mat. 

What warranty do play mats have?

We offer 3 years warranty on all our play mats.

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