The Safest Way to Co-Sleep by our Sleep Specialist

When it comes to what your baby is going to sleep on the options are endless. From, cot’s to co sleepers to bassinets and moses baskets. Each one has their pro’s and con’s. Parents of newborns tend to choose a bassinet or co sleeper which is an easy option to wheel around from room-to-room day and night. In a nutshell, co sleepers are designed to help the bond between parent and baby, give you piece of mind that your baby is close by as well as the ease of having them right there to feed.

When choosing to use a bassinet or co-sleeper it is important to be informed about Red Nose safe sleep recommendations. If you do choose to use a bassinet that has a co sleeper function, ensure you always securing it to the side of the bed with the use of the straps provided. 
Red nose recommend:

  • Always place baby on their back to sleep.
  • Make sure baby’s face and head remain uncovered.
  • Making sure the mattress is firm and flat- not elevated or tilted.
  • Ensuring bedding and sheets don’t cover baby’s face.
  • Keeping pillows and adult bedding away from baby’s face.
  • Ensuring baby cannot fall out of the bed. 

When to stop using a co-sleeper or bassinet

It is recommended to only have your baby sleeping in a bassinet until 6 months of age or until baby starts rolling back to front or front to back, whichever comes first. At this stage it is time to transition them out of the bassinet or co-sleeper due to the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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