Must-have nursery essentials for hassle-free feeding

New parents often find themselves feeding every three hours with a newborn. Maybe even more. And while the time between feeds might get longer as your baby gets older, those middle-of-the-night feeds never get any easier. Sometimes even the middle-of-the-day ones are hard, especially if you don’t have the right feeding essentials in your nursery to make life easier for you.

So, here’s our nursery must-haves checklist for setting up a nursery that’s feeding-friendly for you and your baby.

Electric recliner chair

An electric recliner chair is at the top of any nursery must-have list. These chairs have all the bells and whistles to make feeding much more effortless. The benefit of an electric recliner chair is that you can recline with the touch of a button. That means less chance of disrupting the baby if they’re drifting off in your arms. It also minimises pressure on the core muscles, essential for all new mums, particularly those who’ve had a caesarean birth. 

The Frankie Electric Recliner Gliders – available in three luxe teddy fleece shades – are a premium choice with premium features. From the hands-free convenience of a 180-degree swivel to the sophisticated wooden base and, of course, the electric recline, this is a nursery essential for parents who value style and functionality. 

Also in the iL Tutto range are the Chelsea and Henry Electric Recliners. These chairs offer similar features to the Frankie Recliners, with the same 180-degree (each side) swivel motion, in-built USB charging ports and electric recline. It comes down to personal style and choosing the chair that best suits your nursery space.

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Feeding pillow

A feeding pillow is a nursery room must-have, whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby. 

Feeding pillows help position your baby in a more ergonomically friendly position, which can reduce strain on your arms, neck and back. This is particularly helpful during long feeding sessions. If you’re breastfeeding, a feeding pillow can also help position the baby correctly, encouraging a better latch and potentially reducing nipple pain and discomfort.

While you may only need to use the feeding pillow for a few months, they’re often designed to be multi-functional. You can use them during tummy time or to help support your baby while they learn to sit. 

When choosing a feeding pillow, look for a removable and washable cover. It must be firm enough to hold your baby at the right height but not so firm as to be uncomfortable. Finally, feeding cushions come in different shapes and sizes. Read reviews and ask other parents to decide which best suits your needs.

Burp cloths/towels

Babies can be messy… particularly when they have a tummy full of milk! Any seasoned parent will tell you that a baby can vomit at any moment and you might not even realise that it’s happened.

Burp cloths or towels are an absolute nursery essential for cleaning up baby messes. Keep them handy by your nursery chair while you’re feeding so you can grab them at any moment. Better yet, keep one on your lap or your shoulder, and you’re already a step ahead.

For the parents

If you’re breastfeeding, you have everything you need to feed your baby on hand at all times. With bottle feeding, you only need a few extra things come feeding time. It’s quite simple, really. 

It’s us – the parents – who have more needs while feeding! We need snacks, water and entertainment.

A table next to your feeding chair will make your life much easier. You can keep your snacks, water bottle, phone, book, magazine or whatever else you need in close reach while feeding. 

For this reason, we included side pockets in the Frankie Electric Recliner Gliders. You can store everything from your burp cloths or spare dummies to your own personal must-haves. With USB A and USB C charging ports in all iL Tutto Electric Recliner Chairs, you can always charge your devices, even if you’re buried under the baby for hours.

iL Tutto nursery essentials

From nursery chairs to cots, change tables and our innovative CoZee Co-Sleeping Bassinets, we have your nursery essentials covered for feeding and beyond. Designed in Australia with parents' needs in mind, our range is stylish and practical to make your parenting life easier.

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