The difference between a rocker and a glider explained

Comfort and quality are key when choosing a nursery chair that will give you, and your little one, the support that you need. But with so many choices, how do you know which is right for you?

There are broadly two types of nursing chairs – rockers and gliders. Is a glider the same as a rocker? While they both have some fabulous features, there are key differences between a rocker and a glider. We compare the two styles so you can find the perfect fit for your nursery – and your family.

Features of a rocker

A rocking chair is a traditional nursery chair, with two arched legs that allow you to rock back and forth. A tried and true method to help ease babies to sleep, it’s a timeless design for good reason.

Unlike nursery chairs of old, today’s rockers are designed to fit your lifestyle and your decor, while also prioritising safety and comfort.

Features of a glider

Gliders are the next generation of nursery chairs with innovative features that make them a much-loved choice for countless parents. 

A glider is fixed to a circular base that allows a forward and backward motion or side to side swivel. And there's a method to the motion. It’s specifically designed to mimic your baby’s time in the womb, when they slept while you went about your day. The smooth motion is also gentle on your body. Postpartum recovery takes time, but with a glider you can rock your baby without engaging the core muscles that may still be recovering from all that stretching and growing.

The seat on a glider isn’t as deep as a rocker, which makes it easier to stand up with your baby still in your arms. This is particularly beneficial for all those times you find yourself rocking your baby to sleep and need to then transfer them to their bassinet or cot. When you stand, the glider won’t move back and forth like a rocker while, adding to the safety of the chair.

We offer electric glider options too, such as the Henry Electric Recliner Glider, allowing you to recline and sit up at the touch of a button. This ergonomic feature of gliders are something that new mums really value while their core strength is recovering postpartum. Even with a non-electric glider like the Paige Recliner Glider or Billie Glider Recliner, you’ll find a spring-loaded recline that allows you to sit up without using your abdominal muscles.

Other ergonomic features of gliders include a high backrest, lumbar support and armrests at the perfect height. Some of our designs – such as the Chelsea Electric Recliner Glider and Frankie Electric Recliner Glider – also feature USB ports. You can play soft music or relax with a screen as you nurse your bub.

If space is tight, we also have the beautiful, non-reclining Lulu Glider Chair, which takes up much less room than either a typical recliner glider or rocker.

Rocker vs glider

So, is a rocker or glider better? That’s entirely up to you. But since you asked, we’re big fans of gliders. And so are our customers!

If you’re considering the difference between a rocker and a glider and wondering which is best for you, think about the features that matter most to you. As a new parent, the supportive ergonomic features of a glider are hard to look past.

Then it comes down to personal preferences. Are you looking for an electric glider that moves at the touch of a button? Or is a spring-loaded recline a good choice for you? Do you want a chair with all the bells and whistles such as pockets and USB charging ports? Or are you simply seeking a comfortable, quality nursing chair?

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at iL Tutto. At iL Tutto, we purposefully craft different chairs for different needs. We know that every family is unique, so we design our nursery chairs to fit a range of styles and preferences.

No matter which nursery chair you choose from the iL Tutto range, you’ll find Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, premium fabrics in an exclusive range of colours. You can even order fabric swatches to test the colours and finishes in your home before you buy.

Ready to sink into your new nursery chair?

As parents ourselves, we design every iL Tutto chair with your needs in mind. We know that a nursery chair should be safe, supportive and blissfully comfortable. 

Browse the  iL Tutto range of Australian-made glider nursery chairs and discover your perfect fit.