The CoZee Breeze Bedside Bassinet, what you need to know!

Say hello to even more features and colours with our new CoZee BreeZe Bedside Sleeper & Bassinet.

Preparing for your baby can become overwhelming. There’s so much to consider and so many reference points. Typically, the most common baby questions are on sleep.

  • How to dress your baby for sleep?
  • How many layers does my baby need to sleep in to stay warm and stay asleep?
  • What is a TOG?!
  • Why is a breathable mattress important for safe sleeping?
  • Why do I need a bassinet? Particularly one that rocks?
  • What does a safe bassinet look like?

Just to name a few.

At iLTutto, it’s our mission not only to provide soon-to-be parents with the most supportive, comfortable and stylish nursery furniture, but we’re here to give you the best customer care so help you on your research & journey. 

It’s advised that the first 6 – 12 months, your baby should sleep in the same room as you. While a Cot will last longer in your house, the bassinet size bed is a more realistic option for your baby to sleep in. Our new CoZee Bedside Sleeper & Bassinethas been designed to be a safe bedside bassinet for your baby to stay by your side for the first 4 months, whether it’s attached to your bed (the safest way to co-sleep) or used as a stand-alone bassinet with rocking legs, to gently rock your baby to sleep.

The CoZee Breeze offers features you didn’t even know you’ll be needing or wanting during your fourth trimester;

  • Breathable Mattress for CoZee Breeze plus,
  • 3 new stylish colours,
  • Full length mesh side panels for air flow and breathability,
  • Wheels included in both models for movement around the house,
  • Breeze Plus comes with rocking wheels to create a soothing motion to calm baby,
  • Securely attaches to the side of your bed so your newborn is at arms-length while sleeping in their own safe sleep environment,
  • Drop side offers easy access to your baby,
  • Creates a easy portabletravel cot, as it can be packed down in 30 seconds,
  • Storage shelf to make life a little easier,
  • An be used as a co sleeping cot. 

The Breeze hasn’t been designed just to make parents life easier, the CoZee Breeze also assists with settling the baby with its rocking legs to create a rocking bassinet. This mimics the soothing movements of a mother’s womb for your newborn. 

The CoZee also offers 6 adjustable height positions so if your little one experiences congestion or reflux it can help relieve those horrible symptoms.

Standard in all CoZee Breeze models are both the double meshed side panels & bassinet with wheels to make movement around your home easy.The Breeze Plus will include the addition of the breathable mesh mattress which assist with keeping your baby cool and dry.

So, you can now cross “find the perfect bassinet” off that extensive to-do list, the CoZee Breeze won’t disappoint as a bassinet, portable cot or as a bedside bassinet

For everything else on your list, iLTutto offers a wide range of nursing furniture to assist you during this exciting time.