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CoZee Air Co-Sleeping Rocking Bassinet in Oak Charcoal

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Color: Oak Charcoal

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CoZee Air Co-Sleeping Rocking Bassinet in Oak Charcoal


CoZee® Air has been designed to help you develop and grow that special bond with your little one.

The CoZee's innovative design means that you can securely attach the bassinet to your bed for bedside sleeping, or the clever bedside sleeper can also be used as a standalone bassinet with wheels for mobility, not to mention the rocking legs for soothing your baby and rocking to sleep.

Its innovative 30 second open and fold mechanism also allows you to use the bassinet on the move, making it your baby’s home away from home.

CoZee Air has different side panels than the CoZee Breeze models. The mesh window stops halfway down the sides (please refer to images above) which customers in cooler climates prefer as there’s less cool air reaching their baby. 

The CoZee Air also includes a drop-down curtain on one side which allows parents to make that one side darker. This handy feature makes it suitable for all seasons and climates. Note: In comparison to the CoZee Breeze models also sold at, the CoZee Breeze includes full mesh sides with no option to cover the mesh panels. 

As with our CoZee Breeze model, the CoZee Air comes with a breathable mattress made from a spacer fabric, designed to disperse heat and moisture away from your baby helping them stay cool & comfortable whilst resting. If you’re looking for an alternative to this mattress, visiting our CoZee Mattress range here, including our Breathable, Coir Fibre mattress, made of natural fibres which is coming.

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  • The CoZee® Air Bedside Bassinet can be used for bedside sleeping or as a stand-alone bassinet,
  • Innovative 30 second open/fold mechanism,
  • Handy storage shelf,
  • Breathable mesh side windows half way to the mattress,
  • includes a drop-down curtain on one side,
  • Travel bag included,
  • Removable, washable fabric lining,
  • Incline option to help with congestion and reflux,
  • Height adjuster, 6 step height adjusters ensuring it can be set to the perfect height of your bed,
  • Removable, Washable Lining,
  • Rocking bars for the base of legs included + lock,
  • We stock a range of CoZee accessories that you can purchase for your CoZee,
  • Washable fabric lining ensures your little one’s sleeping environment is clean at all times,
  • eco-friendly foam mattress included with breathable mesh cover,
  • Wheels included.


Enjoy free standard delivery for all CoZee Co-Sleeping Bassinets Australia-wide* 

See our delivery page for more details

Protect & Care

  • Do not use scourers or abrasive cleaners on the CoZee range,
  • Dust Regularly with a dry soft cloth or feather duster,
  • Zip off inner liner and mattress cover, pop in the washing machine for a deep clean. Outer fabrics - Sponge clean with a mild detergent. To clean the frame, just wipe down with a soft cloth and mild detergent

Assembly Instructions

View the CoZee Air assembly instruction


Where can I see how to set up CoZee correctly? 

You can watch a video show you how to correctly set up your CoZee Bassinet here

What is the maximum weight for the CoZee?


Can I purchase replacement straps or travel bag for my CoZee?

Yes. If you’re needing to replace your CoZee straps and travel bag, email us at and we will be able to organise this for you. 

Whats the difference between the CoZee Bassinet Mattress options?

iL Tutto have 3 CoZee mattresses available as outlined below. Please note, all mattress can fit into all CoZee Bassinets including the CoZee Breeze & Air. 

Available mattresses:   

1. CoZee Breeze standard mattress $59 (this comes with the CoZee Breeze Model). Shop here

Made with breathable Corn Fibre foam, this mattress is firm and safe, complying to Australian firmness standards, comes with a cotton blend cover. 

2. CoZee Breeze PLUS, breathable mattress $79 (this comes with the CoZee Breeze PLUS). Shop here

Made from 100% Corn Fibre filling which is hypoallergenic, breathable and firm, complying to Australian firmness standards and safe for newborn to 6 months old. This mattress comes with a breathable mesh cover that helps baby stay cool, dry and assists with airflow. 

3. Tutti Bambini Coir Fibre, eco-friendly, breathable Mattress $119 (Additional purchase). Shop here

Made from Coir Coconut Fibre, Corn Fibre and 100% Herringbone Cotton Twill (so much breathable goodness), Coconut Coir fibre mattress is 100% environmentally friendly. All-natural fibres to ensure maximum airflow through the mattress. 

I want to order but it's on pre-order, what does this mean?

For any pre-orders made, the ETA date will be outlined on the product page and confirmed in an email. This is usually any time from 2 weeks – to 3 months, depending on how quickly we can get the item made for you. No need to stress if you see that the pre-order date has changed on the product page. If you’ve made a pre-order already, the date on your pre-order confirmation email is still valid. 

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