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Red Nose Knows Safe Sleep So Lets Talk About It

Congratulations! You’re newly pregnant or just had your bub, you’re full of excitement and love for your newbie but all the same, may be overwhelmed with all the baby products and content to read and digest! Where to go? What to read? Who to listen to?!

The team at iLTutto have been there before and when it comes to safety, we recommend only one website to visit and trust. For the most trustworthy baby sleep advice in Australia, there’s no one better than, Red Nose. 

Red Nose live and breathe supporting new parents through their journey with their baby to give the safest sleep advice and educate new parents on risks that can occur during this time. 

The team at Red Nose do some amazing things in the pregnancy, newborn all the way totoddler stages. They offer sleep, feeding & reflux advice, co-sleeping, temperature and garment laying guidelines, basically anything and everything you need to know about how to best avoid SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy) and ensure parents are well educated on Safe Sleeping practices, because as we know, knowledge is power! 

Red Nose also provides support to families who have (heart breakingly) gone through the tragedy of losing a child. In a nutshell, they’re superheros in Australia. 

Red Nose says that the safest place to sleep for your baby from birth is in a safe cot.

At ilTutto, safety is paramount. Our Cots go through all safety measuresto be certified as ‘safe’ and meet all Australian standards. We are proud to say that our Modena Cot provides a safe sleeping environment for your little one while maintaining many features to help new parents during this time. 

The Modena Cot meets the current Australian safety standards AS2172 and allows for the mattress to remain flat and not tilted or elevated as recommended by red nose’s “What is a Safe Cot”

This week, we celebrate Red Nose Day (on Friday 13thAugust). It’s when the nation gets to dress silly for a serious cause.To find out more on how you can support this great cause, please visit here