Take Your CoZee to Another Level With Our New Eco-Friendly Coir Mattress

Introducing the new eco-friendly, breathable and most dreamy mattress for newborns, the CoZee Coir Mattress.

To complement our new CoZee Bedside Sleeper & Bassinet range, the Coconut Coir Fibre Mattress will seriously impress you.

Reasons why you’ll love the new addition to the CoZee family:

✔️ Made from Coir Coconut Fibre, Pure Wool and 100% Herringbone Cotton Twill (so much breathable goodness)

✔️ Coconut fibre mattress is 100% environmentally friendly

✔️ Non-toxic, no harsh chemicals that sit against your baby’s skin

✔️ All-natural fibres ensure maximum airflow through the mattress

✔️ Airflow is important for newborns as they’re unable to regulate their own body temperature

✔️ Doesn’t hold any dust, avoiding skin irritations

While pure wool and cotton have been used for years to fill eco-friendly mattresses and pillows, Coir Coconut Fibre is relatively new.

Coconut fibre mattress is 100% environmentally friendly as they are made up of natural fibres found in the husk of coconuts. Coconut fibre mattress does not contain any form of chemicals and hence are beneficial for the health of your baby as well for the health of the environment.

Coconut fibre mattress are made of fibres which have a natural springy property, which provides your baby a natural method of achieving a calmer and much more enjoyable sleep and supports good development of bones in growing children.

Coconut fibre mattress allows maximum airflow through the mattress. During summer, the fibre helps your baby stay cool throughout higher temperatures. 

Coconut fibre is very useful for people who suffer from allergies such as eczema as it not only helps regulate body temperatures with improved air flow, but also doesn’t hold any dust which can cause a lot of irritation to babies.

This bedside bassinet mattress is compatible with the CoZee bedside bassinet range and has a natural coir and wool cotton filling to ensure your baby gets a comfy and safe night's sleep.

Get your hands on the new Coir Fibre Mattress now!