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Top 10 best Australian Mother’s Day Gifts that you’ll LOVE

Mother’s Day, a day for Mothers, a day for YOU! Let’s face it, you deserve it.

So, as it is just around the corner and as it’s probably OK for you to start majorly dropping hints about what you want, we thought we’d put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift list, using all Aussie brands. It’s great to support each other after all.

We've linked to them all so, if you fancy it, you can easily send the link to whomever might be doing the Mother's Day shopping...

There’s nothing like subtly to get what you want!

1. A watch 

If there is one undeniable thing that you give your kids, it’s time. Oh so much time and, a little sprinkling of love. How about checking how many hours you’ve been cleaning, cooking, washing for them each day with style? The Horse have a lovely selection of classically beautiful watches that might tickle your fancy. Have a peek here

2. Something sweet 

You’re the sweetest, and your chocolate should be too. If you’re one with a sweet tooth, how about dropping the hint about a nice box of chocolates? Sometimes that’s all you need to feel right about the world again. Chocolate lab do some pretty amazing Mother’s Day options that will make that chocolate just a little bit more special.

3. An edible card

Talking of sweet treats, have you heard of Sweet Mickie? This is a deliverable cookie service where you can choose fun quotes to personalise them. Pretty good right? Whatever you want said, sweetly! The perfect way to get your kids to tell you how great you are. Failing that, pop this one in your back pocket for birthday gifts to friends and family – you’re always going to be in their good books with a present like this! So, choose your flavour, vanilla or gingerbread?


4. A relaxation pack

Fancy a pamper after all your hard work? How about a pamper hamper? A box of goodies delivered to your door to help you relax and indulge in the comfort of your own home. You can even get your kids to join in, if you fancy sharing. We won’t judge if you don’t… 

5. An indoor plant

If you are after a gift that keeps on growing, you could ask for a pretty plant. Yes, flowers are lovely and yes they are terribly lovely but wouldn’t it be nice to get something that you can look at for years to come and be reminded of that time when your kids appreciated you for that five minutes?! Hello botanical, a new plant based delivery service in Melbourne, brings the plants to you. So, whoever is doing the ordering doesn’t even have to leave the house. Lovely! 

6. Breakfast in bed

Sometimes it’s just nice to be allowed to have a little bit of me time on Mother’s Day. If it isn’t actually a physical present you want but more of a ‘me time’ kind of vibe then why not print out some recipes of your favourite breakfast in bed treats? They’ll be bound to get the hint. These pancakes look like they’d be pretty tasty from bed…

7. A new piece of arm candy

How good would it be to get a gift that you can use every, single day? And each time you used it, you’d think of how loved you are? Even in those, “Oh God, why did I have kids” moments (they’re rare but, we all have them!). And, better yet, how amazing would it be if that gift was specifically designed for Mums? 


We’ve got you! We’ve got SO many amazing nappy bags to choose from that you really can get spoiled. Whatever your style, you can choose. Our favourite at the moment? The Ellyse. Such a classically gorgeous, leather handbag that will last and last and last, plus it's available in *three* colours. Even if your kids aren’t babies anymore, you can rely on this bag to just keep you super organised, whatever the occasion. 

Oh and there is 20% off with Newbie20!

8. Good behaviour! 

We can’t drop a link for that one but you could ask for it and hope for the best. Maybe ask for a present too though, just in case they forget and drop their angel act. At least then you’ll have a handbag/watch/plant to bring you some happiness!

9. Hot air balloon ride

Love experiences more than something tangible? Feel like getting up, up and away for a little bit? Why not ask for some time in the clouds by asking for a hot air balloon ride? You can do them all over Australia and the birds-eye view of your area is bound to give you a new outlook on the place you call home. And, you’ll come down feeling fresh and rejuvenated –can’t argue with that!

10. A weekend away

Last but certainly not least, if you really want to get away from it all, you could ask for a mini-break. Airbnb have some amazing pads to suit whatever your taste. Simply cntrl, print and pop your favourites on the fridge with BOOK ME FOR MOTHER’S DAY TREAT written all over it in black sharpie. If that doesn’t make them get the hint then well, book it for yourself and your girlfriends when Mother’s Day has passed and take it out of their inheritance!

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