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Meet our Model Mum!

Interview with Lauren:

Tell us a little about yourself and your family?

My name is Lauren and my husband Erik and I have two bubs, two years apart - their names are Navy & Wallace. Navy is 2 years old, an avid ballerina with an independent & exuberant personality. Wallace is 8 months. He's very sweet, mostly happy, usually hungry and loves the outdoors. Erik is a wonderful and devoted person and dad. He grew up on a farm and enjoys footy, golf and is teaching himself guitar. In addition to being a mum, I enjoy being active, travel & socialising. I love to explore new places, experience new cultures and am passionate about the relationships I have in my life. I also like to sneak away on my own sometimes to shop or grab a coffee.

My professional background is in finance, which is how I met Erik. We met through work, and that path brought us to Melbourne about two years ago. I returned to work full time after Navy was born, but then decided to be a stay at home mum when she was about 8 months. Being a stay at home mum has proven to be a great gig (most of the time).

Erik, Navy, Wallace & I absolutely love living in Melbourne and spending time together as a family. We have happily embraced the sport, restaurant, BBQ'ing and coffee cultures of Melbourne. We have met wonderful friends to share experiences and parenting war stories. During the working week, the kids & I keep busy with ballet lessons, music class, mothers group, and to do lists. On a typical weekend, we usually go out for brekkie, then head to a park or museum afterwards. Following afternoon naps, we are likely to hit up another park or hang out at home. Erik & I also enjoy having a babysitter once in awhile and dining out without kids.

Have you done professional modelling before?

I haven’t done any professional modelling before, so it was pretty nerve wracking, but I will say it was really fun!

What did you enjoy most about the photo shoot?

It was such a great day! I got to work with gorgeous bags, lovely people, and was made to feel very special with the outfit & location changes. The whole shoot felt very natural. Even so, the best part was seeing the images after.

I think being a mom is the best job in the world, but it is demanding & sometimes messy. The photographer captured candid, beautiful moments of my kids & me being us – who we are day to day. I have never seen our interactions from another lens. Sometimes the days get so hectic that I forget to enjoy the small moments. Wallace, Navy & I had a special day together, enhanced by fabulous bags, and I am glad for the moments that were captured, even the ones that weren’t glamorous.

What do you love most about il Tutto bags?

I love Il Tutto’s bags for their functionality and style. I am someone who likes to know exactly where everything is in my bag so I can retrieve it on demand. I get flustered if one of my kids needs something instantly and everything is co-mingled on the bottom of my bag. Il Tutto’s bags have the right nooks and compartments so that I know where my phone, sunnies, wallet, wipes, tram card, kid snacks, drink bottles, entertainment, etc. are at all times.

I love the style of the bags. They are versatile & fashionable. They don’t look like a “mom bag”. I don’t need to have my kids with me to wear it, so I am not switching out of bags all the time. Carrying an Il Tutto bag makes me feel confident in my style and proud of the bag I am carrying. It helps me feel like I am still investing in myself a bit.

Which is your favourite il Tutto bag?

That’s a tough one! Alll of them… If I have to choose just one, my favourite is the backpack with a close second to the Mia. As far as handbags, the saddlebag is gorgeous, especially with the tassel and snakeskin flap. But ultimately, the backpack is my favourite. And, I never saw myself as a backpack person until I got to use it the day of the shoot.

Why is it your favourite bag?

Again, functionality. I used to be a person that would opt for style over usability & comfort, thinking they were mutually exclusive to one another. Now, before I spend any money, I want to know that I will actually use what I am buying, and ultimately want it to be stylish as well. The backpack is so convenient to my lifestyle. I am usually pushing a double pram, so I am limited on my storage and have both hands occupied. The backpack saves storage space in the pram, allows me to carry a kiddo when needed, and keeps me hands free. I love it at the park because I can still participate and keep my valuables with me. It’s perfect for travel as well.