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How To Pack The Perfect Hospital Bag

So, you're pregnant and just about ready to pop. Other than desperately trying to find ways to get-the-baby-out (spicy curry anyone?!) you'll probably find yourself wondering about what you need to take with you when the day finally arrives. Well, seeing as you'll probably be busy enough with tasks such as bending down and then realising you actually can't get back up, we thought we would make life super simple for you by making a list for that oh-so-important hospital trip. Baby brain is a real thing people but worry not – we've got it all covered (and then some) in this post. 

Before you read on though, we just want to say, don't go stressing. Labour seems like a pretty daunting thing if it's your first one but we *promise* it will all be fine and that it will actually be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. 

Now, back to the list...

1. Pyjamas and dressing gown – get yourself a nice set. Make sure they are ones that you are happy to be seen in, you'll be meeting a flurry of doctors and midwives and you might even be wearing them once when your friends and family come rushing to see you. Go a size or two bigger than your pre-pregnancy size so that they fit loosely. Country road has a nice variety. 

2. Snacks – labour times vary, and greatly. Some are over before you even get to the hospital but some can take over 10 hours. You won't know until you know, so make sure you have some snacks to keep you going – as I am sure you have already guessed by your pregnancy, bringing a new life into the world takes energy! Birthing is no exception. These life bars by Emma and Tom will be handy. They are free from nasties but full of goodness and will keep you going – stock up! Maybe pop some chocolate in your bag too...

3. Water spray – it's not an easy job and if it's hot outside, you'll be even hotter. Pop some water in a spray bottle so your devoted partner can keep you cool. 

4. Massage oil – you might find it relaxing to have someone massage you. Plus if its full of essential oils that will work its magic too. If ever there was a time you deserved one, it's now! Take advantage! This one by Weleda is safe to use during pregnancy and can double up as your stretch mark oil before the big day too. 

5. Charger – you'll want to document every moment possible (well, maybe not *every* moment, but you get my drift) so make sure you have a charger on hand so you're ready to snap away. Your friends and family will want to see a photo ASAP. Plus, your iPhone will have apps full of music and meditation tips if you need them!

6. Maternity pads, nappies and wipes – it will be slightly messy afterwards and things will take a little while to heal (sorry, real talk!) so make sure you've got some maternity pads. The hospital do have some but they can be about 10 inches thick and 5m wide (and we •never• exaggerate!), so take your own just to be on the safe side. You'll need newborn nappies and wipes too to keep your baby happy. Tom Organic do a New Mum pack which has pads, nappies and wipes. All the products are certified organic and have no chemicals or toxins which is great news for both Mum and bub. 

7. Some outfit changes – most Mums don't just pop back into shape. Remember when Kate Middleton emerged from the hospital after giving birth to George wearing that blue dress that showed her post-natal bump? That will more than likely be you too so pack loose clothing that is comfortable and airy. Anything tight will feel uncomfortable we can assure you! You'll need to pack some clothes for the little one too – so pick your favourite rompers and pop them in your bag. 

8. Swaddle – one of the first things the nurses will show you what to do is how to swaddle your baby. Swaddling helps soothe irritable newborns who can often be woken up from their sleep by their own movements (they are used to be in a tiny space!). Plus, it's been about 37 degrees in there so it keeps them nice and warm! We •love• these stylish swaddles from Aden and Anais.

9. Nursing bra and nursing pads – if you are breastfeeding you'll want to have a bra that has easy access. You'll probably have some leakage once the milk starts producing too, so stock up on some nursing pads to help soak up any leaks. Curvy do a lovely selection of bras and some pads too.  If your bottle feeding, Como Tomo do amazing baby bottles that have been designed to mimic breastfeeding and they are made from hygienic silicon with no chemicals. We are in love.  

10. Recovery tights – these are great for helping with the healing process and for making you more comfortable. They actually provide pretty good back support too. Leanne, our designer in Melbourne, discovered this when her Swedish friend sent her a tubigrip style version for her second birth. You can get prettier ones now and she insists they made the world on difference in keeping her comfortable. These ones by SRC look good!  

You'll probably need a little bit more room for all your stuff on this special trip so you can fit everything in. Did you know our  Carrie bag has an extendable base if you need more space? She is one of our faves! She comes fitted with a nappy changer, removable and wipeable lining, a wet pack and a insulated bottle holder, as do all our bags

Il Tutto Carrie Weekender Nappy Bag

Other things to remember

  • A car seat – there is no getting the baby home after if you don't have it. Maybe have it professionally fitted in the car all ready to go
  • Your baby book – to document the first hours
  • To get a pedicure – you'll be spending quite some time looking at your feet! Plus, it's a nice last minute treat from you to you. 
  • To tell your partner to bring you *anything* you've missed throughout your pregnancy. Leanne missed soft cheese throughout hers, so her husband Bruce brought her some French brie, crackers and grapes the day after her first birth. What a champ! She remembers that part like it was yesterday and he still gets brownie points for it today.