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How to get more SLEEP

And I mean more sleep for you the parent, once your bub is in the land of nod. 

I have to say, I always found it pretty easy to go back to sleep after bub was re-settled after a middle of the night feed. Although, thats not to say I wasn't sleep deprived. The continual broken sleep patterns takes it's toll and we need to make sleep a priority. So I wanted to share a few tips that may make it easier to catch up on some well needed sleep as new mummas. 

Us new mummas are just sleep deprived, its just something we all have to get through. Remember, it won't last forever but it is important to grab some zzz's whenever you can, morning, noon or night. Ask for help when it all becomes too much, it's okay, you're not superwoman and you shouldn't try to be!

If you are finding yourself feeling anxious or wide awake after a feed, maybe that 4:30/5am feed. You are thinking the suns almost up (depending on where in Australia you may live, as the Sun may already be rising!) why go back to bed...right? Although it may seem like you could get a fare bit done at this time of day, you should really just get back to bed, you have a long day ahead of you.

A few tips to get back to sleep a little easier;

- Don't be on your phone or iPad while feeding, the stimulation from the screen isn't going to help. Take the time when feeding to enjoy the bonding moment with your baby. 

- Make some time to enjoy a little bit of meditation. Some useful tips here from Kimberley Snyder for a beginners guide  to meditation.

- Consider having a camomile tea (I like Sleepytime), after baby is back in bed. 

- Read a book for a 15 minutes, make sure you keep an eye on the time you read as you don't want to get into a good book and end up reading and not sleeping. 

- Nap in the day when your baby sleeps. Even just lay down and read a book at this time, as you may well just fall asleep. 

- Try to not rely on coffee...I know,you are like WHAT? The less caffeine the easier it will be to sleep. 

- Ask for help at night if you are bottle feeding, or if breastfeeding express some milk. Have your partner do the first feed of the night around 10/11pm.

- Go to bed earlier than you would pre-baby days. I realised early on in my baby haze that I could get to bed around 8:30pm and get a good few extra hours sleep. 

And make sure you have the comfort factor sorted. So, don't skimp on a good Nursery chair, you will be spending a lot of time in the chair feeding baby, nursing baby to sleep and maybe having a sleep yourself. You can check out the Il Tutto Nursery Chairs here