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How To Create The Most Gorgeous Scandinavian Style Nursery

Preparing your nursery for your new born is one of the most special times of your life. It’s where your baby will rest, change, play and where you will spend special and important moments with your baby. It can’t get more exciting than designing that space, can it?

Everyone has their own style, and this will certainly show in how you decide to design your nursery.

We are all big fans of the Scandinavian style here at il Tutto. It is beautiful in it’s simplicity, so classic and the hint of nature helps bring the outside in. Not only that, but it will stand the test of time, and it’s gender neutral. So, for those who are waiting for a surprise or think you might have more than one, it’s the perfect way to go.

We’ve pulled together some lovely items that will make your nordic nursery stunning.


I think we can safely say that this is the most important piece for the nursery. Not only is it going to be where your baby spends lots of time (hopefully!) resting it’s weary head, but it is going to make up a big part of the room. If you are smart, you’ll buy something that lasts until they are a toddler, so buying something with a classic style that is made well is important.

Well, we are excited to announce our new cot to the range! It really is the most beautiful cot you ever did see, and it is designed to make your baby happy and your nursery STUNNING.

With it’s stylish design with a Scandinavian feel, the Marla cot will bring the WOW factor into any nursery.

Here at il Tutto, we believe in style that lasts. That’s why this classically beautiful, Scandinavian inspired cot is made to be suitable for your little one from birth, to toddler. It features stationary side rails and two mattress heights, plus it converts to a toddler bed so your baby will be safe and comfortable until approx 4 years old.

It is made from painted New Zealand Pine, and finished with subtle wooden features. Marla is available in two options so you can choose your style –either a solid end for a more traditional feel, or an open rail end for a more modern feel. Oh and you can complete the look with the Marla 3 Drawer chest with detachable changer top (see a further down).

nursery cot

Wall Art

Although the Scandi look is a minimal one, there is definitely room for adding some simple art designs to the wall. This is one of our favourites, but we have lots more to see on our  Pinterest board. The best thing is, a lot of these can be printed off and framed all by yourself, making them extra lovely and heartfelt.

Scandinavian art work


Having a chair in the nursery is not only a lovely feature, but it is also pretty essentiality for feeding, be it by bottle or breastfeeding, and for helping you to gently rock baby off to sleep. There isn’t a nursery rhyme called Rock a Bye Baby for nothing… It is all well and good getting them to sleep in the living room, but a journey that felt oh-so-short before, will suddenly feel quite lengthy when you are trying not to disturb a tiny human!

Last year we started to design nursery chairs to extend our range, and you have loved them so much, that we now have several to choose from (with new ones coming soon!!), each with different features for you to choose the one you love best.

They ALL come with:

– An ottoman

– A bolster cushion

– Padded seating

– Stain-resistant materials

Which one is your favourite?

nursery chair Scandinavian nordic

Chest & Changer

You’ll want to be able to change their nappy before and after they have had their sleep. What better way to do it than by using the top of the chest of drawers?

Our Marla chest of drawers, that matches the Marla cot, has a removable top piece that is designed for changing, helping you make the most of your space.

When Leanne, the designer for il Tutto, first had children she made one of these changing tops herself out of stained pine to do exactly this job. Now, 15 years later, she has incorporated that idea into this chest design, as she knows how useful it was. It comes with compartments for your creams and wipes, and it can be taken off when the baby has outgrown nappies.

The drawers are also made from New Zealand pine and they have lots of room for all your baby's clothes and accessories. They match both of the cots to help create a clean look and feel to your nursery. You’re welcome!

nursery chest of draws and changing mat

Extra Storage

With a little one comes large amounts of things! From nappies, to swaddles, to blankets, to creams, to booties, to baby wipes, to books, to toys, oh they’ll be lots and lots of toys, especially as they get older. Either way you'll have a mountain of stuff.

So, what’s the best way to keep this minimal style, with lots of things? These lovely wicker style baskets will help keep everything from the floor and around looking neat and tidy, even if they have just been thrown in there.


If your little one is born in the winter months, it will need some soft, fluffy blankets to keep it nice and warm. How about a merino wood chunky knit? Merino wool is unique in that it keeps you warm when you are cold, but cool when you are warm. Can’t get more perfect than that for your baby! Plus, it is from this part of the world so it is easy to get your hands on and it will look fab in your living room once that baby doesn’t need it anymore.


Nothing says nordic like a gorgeous sheepskin rug. You can choose from real, or not but they really bring a room together and are lovely and comfortable to pop the baby on whilst you are organising the room. Also a perfect little spot for your baby to enjoy some tummy time. 


Plants not only add an extra level of nature to the room, but they are also fantastic for cleansing the air and of course, providing oxygen. They’ll look beautiful AND they have massive health benefits for your bub. You can find a list of  non toxic plants here. They are safe, even if your little ones manage to take a bite of one! 

See our  Pinterest board for lots more ideas!

Pinterest board Scandinavian nursery