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Don’t break your back! The ultimate guide to protecting your back post birth

So, you’re pregnant. Firstly, congratulations. How very exciting! You’re probably happy, nervous, confused and tired all at the same time. We know, we’ve been there. There are so many things you need to remember and learn but, don’t panic, you’ve got 9 months to figure this all out – you’ve got this.

One of the most important things you need to remember throughout the whole process is a big one – always, always do what you can to protect your back. You only have one and, throughout this important stage of your life, you’ve got to do what you can to look after it! It’s served you well, so a little bit of TLC wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Once having the baby, your back will probably be sore. During the third trimester the baby drops to prepare for birth which means more pressure on your back. And the fact that the baby is a lot bigger at this stage – more weight to carry means a harder job!

So, what can you do post having your baby to help keep that back happy? Read our top tips below:

  1. Cushion magic – make sure you have the correct posture when feeding your baby. Although they are only small, they can very quickly get heavy – you will be surprise how much you notice carrying them around, especially after you have been through the joys of labour. A feeding cushion is really useful here – it helps to position the baby at the right height and take some of the weight off your arms and shoulders. Did you know that all our chairs come with a cushion included?

Top tip: Breastfeeding can be a struggle and even with arm rests at the right height, it may still be something you need help with. When Leanne, our designer, had her first baby she had a hard time latching. Something that made a difference to her was having a Lactation consultant come over to the house. She stayed with Leanne for two feeds (plus a follow up), giving her guidance and help techniques that would work – it was a lifesaver!

  • Armed for battle – Make sure when you are feeding you are sitting in a chair that has arm rests that are at the right height – too low and there isn’t any point in having them (!) too high, and you won’t be able to reposition the baby to the spot that works best for you both. All our rocking nursery chairs have been extensively tested to make sure they are jusssst perfect – you’re welcome Mamas!
  • Put your feet up – the biggest way to give your back a break? Put your feet up! If there is ever a time you deserve to rest, it’s now ladies! All of our nursery chairs are available with a matching ottoman, the ever popular Mimmie even has rocking ottoman to give a complete glide feel.
  • Rock a bye Mummy – a rocking chair is helpful to get a baby to sleep, we all know that. The movement is soothing and it’s what they have been used to whilst tucked up in your tummy for those 9 months. But, a rocking chair is useful for Mums too. When you have another person to carry simple things (like getting up) suddenly become hard. Enter the rocker chair. Simply give yourself a couple of rocks for some momentum and, hey presto, getting up just became a whole lot easier!! You’ll be thanking us!
  • Bye bye back pain – it’s essential you give your back support if it needs it. You can really easily help your lower back by putting a cushion in the space there is a gap – this will fit nicely into the curve and help give your entire back a break. Our feeding cushion is perfect for that (when you’re not using it for feeding, of course).
  • All about that comfort – when you have had a baby, you’ll be slightly sore in places that aren’t just your back. There’s no two ways about it. Your body has done an amazing thing and afterwards, it will need a little bit of comfort. Make sure that anything you plan to be seated on afterwards is of the upmost comfort, anything hard will not be pleasant! Have you had a feel of the seat cushions of our chairs? This one area we worked on long and hard to get just right. It took us 7 samples to get the perfect bounce, support and softens but, we got there in the end and we *know* you’ll be happy with our choice!