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Behind the scenes – our new collection photoshoot

Back in early December, before all the Christmas madness really struck (wow, that seems like so long ago!), we took to the our local streets to get some great new lifestyle shots of some of our bags that had yet to be photographed. It was about time they were giving the treatment (and lighting!) that they deserved. 

Luckily, Melbourne is basically a Kodak moment re-incarnated, so we just chose some of our fave places around to take our model, Lauren and her little boy Wallace. And, it didn't even rain one bit. Which, considering the crazy, irrational weather we've had this year was actually pretty damn lucky. 

So, more about our model, Lauren. Well, she isn't actually officially a model but as you've probably already seen she is totally gorgeous enough to be one and quite frankly, she should be. 


And she happened to be a friend of a friend and, of course, she is a mum, and we knew she would be perfect. She's just lovely – totally down to earth, chilled and of course effortlessly chic. Our brand in a nutshell!

She also brought along her little boy Wallace, who was a dream. He even had a nap for about 3 hours in the middle – if only all 2 year olds were that easy...

Leanne, our designer was on hand to style the shoot. She spent ages meticulously choosing the clothes and working out what went with what, I think you'll agree from the finished photos that she has quite an eye for detail and fashion. A skill that transfers well when she is coming up with new products! She is really passionate about making the bags and, well, all il tutto products super functional as well as fashionable, and this completely shone through when she was planning and directing the shoot. It was great to see her so in her element. 

Our photographer for the day, Enrico, was brilliant! He has shot for cotton on and so he knows his way around a fashion shoot and I think you will agree, he delivered over and over again. 

What's your favourite look?