Be AWARE of Scams

Please be aware of SCAM WEBSITES that may show our products at very cheap prices. 


It has been brought to our attention that there is currently a scam website listing the CoZee products at a very cheap price. This is not our website or anything to do with our products the site name is listed as Baby Mika at a .com address. Please do not buy from this site as it is a scam to just take your money and your credit card details. 

This type of websites pop up from time to time and unfortunately there is very little we can do about it as they do not list any location or contact phone number, and generally will list the site for a short period of time 48hrs to 1 week and then they will close the site and open another site under a different domain. 

We have reported this to the ACCC and if you have been affected by a scam you can also report it to the ACCC

If you are shopping online and you come across a site that has unbelievably cheap pricing, then please be cautious. This should be a warning bell. Also, look for a phone number that you can call to discuss your order or items you are interested in. We are always here to assist